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Today’s workforce is eager to have commuting options. MoZaic’s proximity to the Uptown Transit Station allows employees to access Metro Transit’s extensive bus and light rail network. The adjacent Midtown Greenway and on-site bike storage give employees the option to bike to work. And the residential Uptown community, with its range of housing options, allows those who live nearby a truly urban, walk-to-work experience.



The Uptown Transit Station, located directly behind MoZaic, offers 1,200 routes and pickups per day and connects to the light rail.

The Midtown Greenway, a 5.5-mile-long cycling and walking trail connects Uptown to downtown and the Chain of Lakes.

Nearby major freeways—I-35W, I-94 and Hwy 100—offer easy access to Uptown with short commute times.

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